Solace Organics

Floor : First Floor (FLB01A)

Timings : 10.00 AM - 10.00 PM (Weekdays) | 10.00 AM - 11.00 PM (Weekends)

02-441 9140


Solace Organics bringing you proven quality beauty & wellness products for various needs mainly from Europe, US, Australia, Brazil, & around the globe that are designed to deliver results, formulated earth's purest 7 most effective ingredients. We make sure all products here are some of the best of their class, 100% Eco-friendly, pure and natural, mostly organic relatives to those in the market, absolutely free from colors, preservatives, fillers or anything except the functional ingredients itself. All brands are selectively chosen based on our personal research, efficacy, consumer reviews, patents and renowned certifications in countries they are manufactured. You can rest assured that not only will our products help you look your best, they will also help you feel your best as they support your healthy lifestyle.

All organic natural products; cosmetics, Body Bath Care, Facial Care, Baby Care, Hair Colours & any Organic Scent

  • Address : P.O. Box: 32877 Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Payment : Cash & Credit
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