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Floor : Level 1 Extension

Timings : 10.00 AM - 10.00 PM (Weekdays) | 10.00 AM - 11.00 PM (Weekends)

056-6264141 / 056-5999614


Praisethree (a wordplay of ‘pastry’) is founded by a well-experienced pastry chef. She was formerly a chef at a prestigious 7-star hotel and for a flag carrier airline company in the UAE. Her entrepreneurial spirit caused her to constantly dream of having a business of her own. In November 2018, she started selling chocolate dreamcakes online in United Arab Emirates catering mostly to Abu Dhabi and Dubai clients.
She realized the potential of the dreamcake in the UAE market as orders started pouring in right in her own kitchen which started to get busier as more people get a taste of heaven through Praisethree’s premium heavenly chocolate dreamcake.
Praisethree’s dreamcake consists of five-layers of premium chocolate goodness contained in a certified food-grade gold can. The base layer is made of super moist chocolate cake, followed by an extremely creamy milk chocolate pudding. On top of it is a heavenly layer of dark chocolate ganache made from real cocoa, then covered with exquisitely crafted dark chocolate shard. The last and topmost layer is a 100% real cocoa dusting. You wouldn’t know how bland a supermarket cocoa is until you’ve tasted a very rich extremely high-end cocoa on its topmost layer. This handcrafted heaven in a tin is made with finest ingredients from France, Belgium and Spain. Praisethree uses a beautifully refined and addictively bitter without ever being pungent and deep chocolate flavor, 100% cocoa.
After a month of home business operation, Praisethree started to venture in expanding it from a home business to a more commercial scale so more people can get a piece of heaven through their premium heavenly dream cakes.
With its operation based in Abu Dhabi, Praisethree is the first dreamcake factory in the UAE. It opened its first mall branch in Al Wahda Mall on 11th February 2019. Praisethree’s fundamental principle is the painstaking sourcing of high-quality ingredients and their dreamcakes are made fresh every day. It is surely not your ordinary dreamcake. It’s really a divinely delicious treat!
Praisethree’s premium heavenly choclate dreamcake comes in two sizes 350g and 750g. It is currently priced at Dhs 27 and Dhs 59 respectively.

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