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The story of an essence...

A connoisseur of the finest fragrances, LOOTAH is a leading perfumery giant in the UAE.

Spreading the scent of tradition, perfectly encased within the fleeting fragrance of modern times, LOOTAH has been curating exquisite fragrances, deep rooted in the wealth of perfume and incense knowledge passed down from generations of skilled perfumers.

Drawing inspiration from the abundant life, echoing delicate grandeur that surrounds, LOOTAH has been creating remarkable fragrances since 1950’s.

They are the creators of the most decadent Oriental and French perfumes, incenses, fragrant oud and luxury perfumed blended oils and the finest agarwood curated and harnessed to their finest fragrance, which enchants senses, travelling across and beyond Emirate’s nest.

At LOOTAH, expertise and passion combined with contemporary elegance, blends in perfect harmony to create fragrances that embodies impeccable memories to enchant forever.

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