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At Bobbi Brown, we see beauty.
We see confidence. We believe a woman is most beautiful when she looks and feels like herself.
And for 25 years we’ve made it our mission to show her how.
The secret to beauty is simple:
Be who you are “25 years ago, I started my brand with a simple idea: I wanted women to be who they are. Beauty in the ‘80s wasn’t about authenticity—it was more like putting on a mask. Overpowering colors, heavy makeup looks and cookie-cutter models were the norm. I wanted to give women other options. The brand started with an edited collection of 10 lipsticks. From Salmon to Beige to Brown, the flattering shades stood out from the bright, garish lipsticks that were the trend and the response was incredible.
For every product I launched, it was my mission to deliver a range of makeup colors that worked for women of all skin tones—not just a select few. For my campaigns, instead of using only models, we included real women of all ages—teachers, athletes, writers, activists and moms.
It was truly beauty for everyone.
The concept that makeup could celebrate individuality regardless of passing trends was disruptive 25 years ago. Today, it is a way of thinking that is finally taking hold and I couldn’t be happier. My vision has been the same from the start: BE WHO YOU ARE. For Fall/Holiday 2016 we’re making it our mantra. We believe a woman is most beautiful—and more importantly most confident—when she looks and feels like herself. I’ve never looked at a woman and only thought about makeup colors, I’ve always wanted to celebrate her.
The Fall/Holiday 2016 BE WHO YOU ARE campaign features a mix of models and non-models of all different ages and ethnicities. What they all had in common is confidence in their unique style and perspective. I wanted to play up each woman’s individual beauty.
At Bobbi Brown, we give women the tools to learn how to apply makeup. We give them the colors and techniques so they can look exactly how they want to. That might mean looking like a more polished version of yourself with the perfect retouching products or that might be looking fierce with a chrome-lined eye. Ultimately BE WHO YOU ARE leads to a pretty powerful woman.
It’s sexy, smart, and empowering to BE WHO YOU ARE” Bobbi Brown

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